6 Reasons Why Preventive Care Is Important

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Unfortunately, many people don’t go to the doctor as often as they should for preventive care. They believe that if they aren’t suffering from any specific illness or symptoms, there’s no reason to schedule an appointment.

However, many diseases are preventable when detected early, as are many chronic diseases avoidable with the right treatment plans and precautions. When it comes to annual doctor visits per person, the U.S. is among the lowest.

  • When’s the last time you saw your physician?
  • Were you already sick by the time you got to the office?

If you plead guilty to this, then here are some reasons why you should try to create new habits around your healthcare. Concerning your health and wellness, these items can be the best thing to maintain balance:

  • Regular check-ups
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Screening

Why Is Preventive Care Crucial?

Check out our top reasons why preventive care is crucial for your health.

1. Identifies Current Health Risks

  • Do you have a family history of illness?
  • Have you recently experienced changes in your body?
  • Are you carrying too much extra weight?

There are many illnesses that you could be at risk for without even knowing it. Whether you have a genetic predisposition or your physiology creates a condition, regular visits with your doctor can help identify health risks and gives you the luxury of getting a head start on preventive treatment.

2. Takes Charge of Your Heart Health

When it comes to health, there are many numbers to pay attention to, but two of the most important are your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death in the United States. It impacts an estimated 1 in 4 Americans. But you can take charge of your heart health before it becomes a deadly issue by reaching out to the Lamkin Clinic.

We’ve found that standard cholesterol tests only tell a part of the story and do not gauge an individual’s actual risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

This is why we conduct a more thorough and complete assessment of factors that impact your heart health. We aim at detecting the underlying biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases.

3. Gives You Peace of Mind

At our practice, we are just as concerned with your emotional wellbeing as your physical. Peace of mind is a wonderful gift. And, now more than ever, this is especially true when it comes to your overall health.

After all, a healthy lifestyle and mindset can impact everything in your life, from your:

  • Family and friends
  • Job performance
  • Energy levels
  • Overall outlook on life

One of the best things you can do to ensure your body and brain perform at their very best. When you take the initiative to put your health first, you can give yourself the peace of mind to know that things are as they should be or that you are on the right path to your wellbeing.

4. Screens for Age-Appropriate Issues

At a certain age, all patients should be undergoing screening for preventable illnesses and diseases. Are you at risk for:

Do you have additional, more subtle health concerns you need to be concerned about, which could also cause problems down the road?

We may be able to answer all of these questions and more through a suite of diagnostic services and tools that help us understand your personalized challenges and the best solutions.

Many folks are worried about their health. You may also be concerned about your genetic or inherent risk for more serious health conditions.

At the Lamkin Clinic, we can help you identify these potential issues and take steps to ensure that your health remains on track.

5. Establishes a Medical History

Our team wants to be a resource and partner in your health. Chronic diseases account for 7 out of every ten deaths of Americans per year, and they result in 75% of healthcare costs in the U.S.

Diseases like these are easier to treat initially and can be preventable when detected early through tests.

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

Achieving optimal health requires work, but we believe it’s worth it when it comes to your well-being.

6. Educates You on Better Living

“You are what you eat” may be an old cliché, but proper nutrition is imperative for maintaining a long, happy and healthy life. With preventive care, you further your nutrition education for the good of your health and the health of your loved ones.

At the Lamkin Clinic, we offer a unique Advanced Lifestyle and Nutrition Education Program (ALNEP). ALNEP provides evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle information essential to meeting your health goals across the board.

From individual evaluations with registered dietitians to crafting menu plans and grocery store shopping lists that will maximize your health (and delight your taste buds), this comprehensive program is a great way to gain new insight into nutrition and how it can benefit your overall health.

Let Us Be Your Wellness Partner

Our goal with taking preventive approaches to health is for you to enjoy your life! An integrated approach to your healthcare can allow for improved quality of life.

If you believe the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” then we invite you to visit us today! We’ll work together to address your health concerns and reach your health goals.

Take control of your health and get in touch with our team today!


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6 Reasons Why Preventive Care Is Important
Do you believe the old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" If so, then we'll address your health concerns through preventive care.

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