Are you healthy?

October 15, 2014 0 Comments
Are you healthy?

are you healthyWhat does it really mean to be “healthy”? The truth is, no definitive set of parameters exists that comprehensively defines what exactly “healthy” means.

In some cases, it’s obvious when someone isn’t healthy. If God forbid someone is hospitalized on a ventilator to support breathing after a sudden heart attack, there is no question of their health status. But, what if an individual is living, breathing, and walking but is often depressed? This individual may have a poor quality of life with only depression as a diagnosable condition? Is this individual “healthy”?

In reality, most of us would say that we are healthy if asked… some of us even if we are on ten or more medications. What about five medications? How about no meds but high cholesterol, twenty pounds overweight and sedentary life? The mainstream perception of health has become so watered down and ill-defined, it’s to the point that the average person would most likely consider themselves’ healthy if they simply were walking and breathing.

I think it’s important to define health so we all have something to maintain or work towards. I would define healthy as being at or close to an ideal body fat percentage, vital signs consistently within normal range, at least moderate fitness level, no meds, plenty of energy, refreshed after sleep, minimal stress perception, and no diagnosable chronic conditions. Now that’s just my definition and there are probably plenty of holes in it. Perhaps the point is only to insight some thought and take personal stock of our own health. So what do you say…Are you healthy?

To your health,

Brian E. Lamkin D.O.

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