Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

Diabetes is separated into categories: Type I (“insulin dependent”) and Type II (previously called “adult onset” before children started getting it). They are entirely different and require different approaches.


Caused by a complete lack of insulin production, believed to stem from a virus that triggers an autoimmune reaction that destroys insulin-producing pancreatic cells.

Makes up only 5% of all cases of Diabetes. Cannot be prevented and only treatable with prescription insulin.


A growing health problem, reaching epidemic levels, in the United States, Type II Diabetes is associated with poor lifestyle factors, including diets high in sugar, processed foods, and inactivity.

Genetic predisposition exists. Can be caused by imbalanced hormones, inadequate nutrition, and high stress.

Many factors influence the propensity to develop Type II Diabetes, and in most individuals, several of these predisposing factors have merged into to a collective risk that eventually translates fundamentally into tissue resistance to insulin, which leads to elevated blood sugar.


What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance occurs because our tissues become resistant to the effects of insulin, which allows glucose to enter each cell for its conversion to energy. This leads to not only elevated glucose in the blood but also increases insulin production further, causing weight gain.

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Both Insulin resistance and its eventual counterpart, Diabetes, CAN be reversed.

Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against most patients who have had Diabetes for a while because many are on one or more medications that actually increase insulin production. While this helps blood sugar control, it perpetuates the insulin resistance and weight gain and increases dependency on medication. Fortunately, at The Lamkin Clinic, we have nearly a decade of experience helping patients reverse their Diabetes and get off of their meds.

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