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The Advanced Lifestyle and Nutrition Education Program (ALNEP) provides evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle information essential to meeting your health goals. The program includes an initial evaluation by one of our registered dietitians during which she or he will evaluate medical history and current health concerns and determine specific nutritional needs and goals. With this information in mind,  a nutrition plan will be prepared just for you including grocery lists, recipes, and nutritional information.

Optional with your program is a GE Lunar body-composition analysis, the gold standard in body-composition testing. This is full body scan that provides overall and regional information for body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and body fat mass. The body composition scan provides a baseline measurement with which future measurements will be compared helping us fine tune our recommendations as you progress towards your goals.

The primary components of the program are as follows:

  • Body Composition Analysis (optional at $125/scan)
  • Twelve Monthly Classes with your personal educator. (See course outline below)
  • Dietary, Lifestyle and Supplement Analysis with Recommendations
  • Educational Materials
  • Individualized Meal Planning
  • Grocery Lists, Recipes, and Meal Plans

Classes are available individual, family, and group sessions. Pricing below:

  • One-year Advanced Lifestyle & Nutrition Education Program $1500 ($300.00 Discount will apply if purchased in advance)
  • Individual classes $125/class
  • Small groups/families up to four $160/class
  • Groups larger than four are $160 plus $30 per additional person

Course Outline:

  1. Hormone Balance for Weight Loss
  2. Nutritional Detoxification
  3. Protein Balance
  4. Good Fats, Bad Fats
  5. Alkaline Balance in Foods
  6. High Antioxidant Foods
  7. A Road Map to Choosing Supplements
  8. The Skinny on Sweeteners
  9. Food Label Interpretation…Avoiding Pitfalls!
  10. Optimal Sleep for Optimal Health
  11. Interval and Higher Intensity Exercise
  12. Mastering Your Genetic Potential!

Nutritionists are also available for custom one on one consultations. Pricing as follows:

  • Nutrition consultation 60 minute: $120
  • Nutrition Consultation 30 minute $60

For more information, please contact Deb at 405.285.4762 or email at

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