At the Lamkin Clinic, we are committed to an approach that treats or reverses most conditions without medications. Our ultimate goal is to help you become the best version of yourself by ridding symptoms and optimizing your health.

To ensure your health is performing optimally, we believe in establishing long-term relationships and partnerships with our patients. We want you to think of us as a medical home, where you can receive quality care and support. In our collaborative approach, we promise to take the time to explain different options so that you feel comfortable with your decision.

We want to connect the dots and provide a comprehensive and permanent solution to your health concerns. Our focus is on you; we don’t limit your consultation to one problem—throw it all at us!

Dr. Lamkin is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Certified in Age Management Medicine, is a practicing Functional Medicine provider, and offers Specialty Programs and Services for Male and Female Hormone Optimization, Accelerated Weight-Loss, Autoimmune Disease Remission,  & Diabetes Reversal.


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