Weight Loss: Identifying the Healthiest Ways to Shed Pounds

February 26, 2020 0 Comments
weight loss

The weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar market that is oversaturated with solutions.

From fad diets to pills, trendy workouts to surgical procedures, anyone who has struggled with weight loss knows full well that there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding ways to shed those excess pounds.

But not all diets and weight loss initiatives are created equal. And losing weight the wrong way can have long-term consequences.

In fact, multiple studies have shown that yo-yo dieting – or the process of losing and gaining back weight over months, years, or even decades – can significantly increase a person’s risk for several long-term health issues, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • And more

So how can you sift through the endless information on effective weight-loss and separate the fact from the fiction?

How do you know the best way to lose weight for you, specifically, which will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle for years to come?

Your smartest first move is to make an appointment for a medical weight-loss consultation at the Lamkin Clinic. 

The Lamkin Clinic has over a decade of experience in helping patients take back their health through smart, well-researched, and completely personalized medical weight-loss plans that work. 

Unique Diagnostic Tools

We use two unique diagnostic tools that help us customize your accelerated weight-loss program.

We also identify the ensuing strategies that will work best for your unique lifestyle. And, we can pinpoint the right tests and treatments for your personal health goals.

In the meantime, however, familiarize yourself with what you need to know about smart and effective weight loss by paying attention to these overlooked facts.

Fact: Weight gain is more likely as you age.

As you grow older, excess body fat and the loss of lean muscle are typical. Because your physiologic, metabolic, and hormonal changes begin to occur as early as your late 20s.

Though every person’s tendency towards weight gain is different and can depend on a wide range of factors below, generally, it is far more likely to pack on extra pounds as the years go by.

Fiction: The only way to lose weight is to adhere to the “calorie in/calorie out” theory.

One of the longest-lasting weight-loss theories is simple – you should burn more calories than you consume. And while this idea certainly seems correct on a common-sense level, it’s not always entirely accurate or effective for every individual.

The moving target is metabolism…., which is affected by nutrition, hormones, inflammation, sleep, stress & activity. 

In fact, many people get frustrated when they drastically reduce calories, increase exercise, and still struggle to lose pounds. But weight loss is not always as simple as a basic math formula! 

The key is to find your unique set of triggers for fat burning, which varies widely for every individual. That’s why the Lamkin Clinic uses in-depth diagnostic tools to identify the best weight loss strategy for you, instead of adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Fact: Yo-yo dieting is dangerous and makes it harder to lose weight over time.

Not only is yo-yo dieting or “weight cycling” dangerous for your health over the long term, but it also makes it more challenging to lose weight over time.

This is because many drastic diets make you lose muscle as well as fat (and often at accelerated levels), which affects the hormone leptin, which naturally helps you feel full as opposed to hungry.

In addition, the loss of muscle mass often forces your body to burn less energy (slowing metabolic rate), which means that it’s easier to store fat once your diet has ended.

In fact, a recent study has found people who use a short-term diet to lose weight regain:

  • 30–65% of that lost weight within one year
  • 33% of dieters eventually end up at a heavier weight than they were before they began their diet

Fiction: There is a simple one-size-fits-all approach to weight-loss.

Don’t get us wrong; there are some fortunate people that lose weight rapidly simply by cutting back on the sodas and donuts.

That’s great! We encourage all people to do what is the fastest and most effective means for optimal health and vitality.

For many, though, they have what we term WLR or weight-loss-resistance. I describe it as ‘easy to gain/hard to lose.’

So, if you’ve tried everything and have a hard time losing or can’t lose at all, you’ll come to see us at The Lamkin Clinic for a metabolic & hormone assessment.

There are actual reasons for this, and it usually ends being a few hidden ‘metabolic disruptors’ identified on lab testing. In other words, it’s not all in your head!

Quit beating yourself up and see our team at The Lamkin Clinic! 

Fact: Effective weight loss is personalized, and works best when initiated with a knowledgable doctor’s care.

At the Lamkin Clinic, we start your medical weight-loss plan with an in-depth consultation as well as a lab analysis to identify your unique hormones, markers of inflammation/nutrition/cardiovascular risk, insulin sensitivity, and metabolic function.

This allows us to create an accurate blueprint of the most effective weight loss strategies to use going forward, based on your unique lifestyle and physiological make-up.

Work With Us

We’ve found after working with countless medical weight loss patients individualized diagnostics and treatments are truly the best way to go.

In fact, on our accelerated weight loss program, our patients can expect to lose roughly 15-30 pounds in two to three months. And best of all, they’ll have a better ability to keep that weight off for years to come.

So forget about the latest weight loss craze or drastic options like:

  • Surgery
  • Multiple medications
  • Severely limited diets

Schedule a consultation with the Lamkin Clinic today. And find a smarter route to healthy medical weight-loss that lasts…a lifetime.


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Weight Loss: Identifying the Healthiest Ways to Shed Pounds
Separate the facts from fiction when it comes to weight loss, and find a smarter way to shed pounds that boosts your long-term health.

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