Medical Weight Loss

Excess Body fat and loss of lean muscle are two of the most common aspects of aging as well as two of the most preventable. Sometimes in our late twenties, physiologic, metabolic and hormonal changes begin to occur that, combined with variances in diet and lifestyle, collectively lead to weight gain.

Every individual’s’ propensity for these age-related changes is influenced by a variety of factors, such as genetic predisposition, quality, and depth of sleep, environmental stressors, hormone levels, dietary habits, exercise routines, and calorie/nutrient content of the foods eaten. All of the above can affect metabolic rate and how the body utilizes stored energy sources such as fat, muscle, and glycogen.

This is why the “calorie in/calorie out” theory does not help many people struggling to lose weight. There are hormonal and metabolic “moving targets” that either allow OR prevent our body from releasing body fat stores.

The key is to find your unique set of triggers for fat burning. That’s why we offer medical weight loss treatment in Edmond – we can help identify your triggers.

Have you reached a point in your health where you are ready to devote the time and energy to losing excess body fat and restoring your best health? We have the resources you need!

The Lamkin Clinic has nearly a decade of experience in helping patients capitalize on the moment they feel ready to take back their health.

Two unique diagnostic tools that help us customize your accelerated weight loss program are the DEXA body composition analysis and the Cardio Coach Resting Metabolic Rate assessment.

Weight loss and management have no one size fits all approach; every patient needs a custom program that considers their age, lifestyles, sleep patterns, exercise habits, hormones, genetic predispositions, cravings, timeline preferences, financial flexibility, and overall goals.

The starting point at The Lamkin Clinic is an initial physician consult (a get-to-know-you visit) and typically a comprehensive lab analysis including hormones, markers of inflammation/nutrition/cardiovascular risk, insulin sensitivity and metabolic function.

Components and options with your custom medical weight loss treatment program may include:

  • Thyroid Optimization Protocol
  • The HCG, GLP-1 Program, Weight Loss Roadmap
  • HRT: Growth Hormone, Thyroid, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone. (when medically appropriate)
  • Customized Diet and Exercise programs (Paleo/Primal, Ketogenic, Anti-Inflammatory, Weight Loss Roadmap, etc…)
  • DEXA body composition testing (Gold Standard in body composition testing)
  • Guidance and coaching by a Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Weight Loss Counselor
  • Medical Guidance, Care and Supervision by Board Certified Physician trained in Functional and Age Management/Anti-aging Medicine

In most cases, our patients are geared up and ready for quick results. On our accelerated weight loss program, an individual can expect to lose roughly 30-40 pounds in one to three months.

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