10 keys for a summer weight-loss plan that works

June 6, 2017 0 Comments
10 keys for a summer weight-loss plan that works

Want to lose weight for the summer? Here are some tips on weight loss—before summer and during the sweltering weather.

1. Drink more water and fewer sugary drinks.

Water is the best drink for weight loss. It keeps you hydrated without the carbs.

2. Cut down on coffee drinks high in sugar and dairy products.

You might learn to enjoy a different taste—with more coffee flavor.

3. Plunge into the pool regularly

Swimming is great for burning calories.

It engages many muscles and gives your heart and lungs a workout.

4. Plan your meals with weight loss in mind.

Psychology and Health reported on a study in which two groups were asked to eat more fruit for a week. People in one group wrote down their plan and visualized carrying it out, and the second group didn’t. The group with a plan ate twice as much fruit.

5. Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer

Don’t forget to moderate salad dressings and toppings high in sugar.

6. Avoid too much fruit juice.

The high sugar content can contribute to being overweight. Eating fresh fruit with a glass of water provides more nutrition.

7. Watch your portions.

We tend to eat almost everything on our plate. As restaurants have increased their servings, Americans have eaten more. Splitting a meal with someone else can help you avoid putting on pounds.

8. Serve yourself more veggies.

If you put 75 percent vegetables on your plate, the meat and carbs become treats.

9. Involve your spouse, a friend, or a family member in your weight-loss plan.

Ask them to join you in outdoor activities, hitting the gym, and eating better. You’ll hold each other accountable and develop a stronger bond.

10. Focus while you’re eating instead of multitasking—such as watching TV.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on a study that compared participants who played computer solitaire while they ate with ones who weren’t distracted while eating. The game-players felt significantly hungrier afterward.

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