A Primer on PRP therapy

April 5, 2016 0 Comments
A Primer on PRP therapy

tubes for centrifugePRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) therapy is an emerging treatment for individuals suffering from degenerative or arthritic joint conditions. Professional athletes have had access to this type of cutting-edge treatment for years, but more and more physicians are beginning incorporate it into their offerings for joint pain, arthritis, injuries and even cosmetic enhancements.

The term “platelet rich” doesn’t even begin to cover it, though. There’s much more than platelets in PRP therapy!  Fibrin, fibronectin, vitronectin and thrombospondin, present in PRP, are cell-adhesion molecules that recruit healing cells (osteoblasts and fibroblasts) to an affected area. These substances are all released by activated platelets during PRP therapy.

Technical terms aside, PRP is actually pretty simple:

1. Draw patient’s blood in the office.
2. Isolate the healing and growth factors.
3. Administer PRP into the area of need to stimulate a healing response.

The patient’s own blood is drawn and spun in a specialized centrifuge to remove the large blood cells and isolate the PRP, which is full of growth and healing factors.

The biggest draw of using your own plasma is that it’s not a synthetic material that could cause an allergic reaction. Using your own own healing factors and them injecting back into the area of concern creates a healing response by generating new cartilage and reducing inflammation. Patient testimony has been positive for those who have used this type of treatment.

We’ve long believed that healing comes from within. In the case of PRP, we’re just helping the process along by getting the healing factors to those areas that don’t have rich blood supply and need it the most. Why not accelerate your healing response with PRP?

To your health,

Brian E Lamkin DO

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