Nutritional Counseling: Small Changes to Help Your Weight Loss Plan 

August 22, 2019 1 Comments
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When it comes to weight loss, there are often several recommended diet and lifestyle changes that patients need to make to be successful well after their diet has ended.

Larger strategies are essential for results to stick. Successful long-term weight loss often involves a change in thinking about:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Other aspects of your life

However, with that being said, there are also a few small changes that people can do that can help them lose and maintain a healthier weight. So for an extra boost to your weight loss plan, try these small tips that may very well make a big difference. 

1. Have a Glass of Water


  • Decreases your appetite
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Helps you feel full for hours at a time

Even a slight uptick in your daily water consumption can have significant results. 

A recent study found people who have an extra glass of water right before a meal consume 22% fewer calories than those who don’t drink any water at all. 

2. Eat a Little Earlier

Your metabolism slows down when you head to bed, so any calories that you consumed right before it’s time to sleep have a higher risk of turning into fat.

As such, you can burn more calories throughout the day simply by eating a little bit earlier. Try to avoid meals three hours or less before bedtime, or shift your dinnertime by 30-60 minutes to see results. 

3. Grab the Hot Sauce 

Did you know that incorporating more spice into your diet can decrease your hunger and may also temporarily boost your metabolism?

A little spice can do a world of good, so sprinkle a little hot sauce or a few hot pepper flakes into your favorite fare for an easy boost. 

4. Use Smaller Plates

You can unconsciously reduce your portions simply by having less room on your plate. A recent study found that folks who enjoyed snacks from larger bowls as opposed to small containers ate 142 more calories on an average daily basis.

So switch out your dinnerware to a smaller size, and you’ll inherently consume less with every meal 

5. Sleep in a Little Longer

Sleep is instrumental in regulating the way your body consumes calories, and a good night’s rest can do a world of good by decreasing your appetite and hunger while elevating the hormones in your body that are associated with feeling full.

So make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of rest every night by adjusting your bedtime or alarm clock. 

6. Watch Your Snacking

For new dieters, one of the hardest aspects of adopting a weight loss plan is finding smart substitutionsSnack food and junk food is everywhere.

And while they will certainly satisfy a sweet or salty craving, they almost always leave you hungry, simply because of their lack of nutritional value and addictive qualities. 

But the good news is there are ample snack foods you can reach for. These snacks will keep you full and satisfied in the hours before your next meal. So next time you need a nosh, reach for these easy snacks that will fill you up without derailing your diet.  

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is packed in protein and also has a delightfully thick consistency that helps to trick your body into feeling full. Just watch your labels at the grocery store – “Greek-style yogurts” may taste like the real thing, but they lack some of the nutritional benefits that natural Greek yogurt boasts. 

Avocado Toast

Avocados have been a long-standing trend for foodies and dieters alike, and there are plenty of reasons why. This tasty vegetable that pairs with everything from breakfast to Latin or Mediterranean cuisine is packed with soluble fiber, which transitions into a thick gel as it travels to the stomach, slowing the digestion process. 

For an easy snack, pile a few avocado slices on top of a piece of whole-grain toast with a little hummus or other healthy spread, and dig in. 

Cottage Cheese

Not only is cottage cheese tasty, (especially when mixed with fresh fruits), it’s also great for curbing an appetite. Much lower in fat than other varieties of cheese, cottage cheese is also a great source of protein, which can make you feel full and give you plenty of energy throughout the day. 


Grab a handful of nuts for a quick hunger fix that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Serving as a good source of both protein and fiber, nuts are an easy snackable food that fills you up in relatively small doses.

The trick is to be selective with the nuts you consume. Salty peanuts are tasty but don’t have the nutritional punch as other varieties of nuts, like almonds or walnuts. 


Beans and legumes are another exceptional way to get a big dose of protein and fiber, and they can easily be incorporated into your snack routine as well! Start with chickpeas, (aka garbanzo beans), which can be enjoyed as a fresh salad with a little avocado, tomatoes, and dressing, or which can even be dry roasted and snacked on like a potato chip.

Check the snack aisle at your local grocery store to find dried chickpea chips, which are a satisfying alternative to plain old potato chips. 

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Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Diet and lifestyle changes that work for others might not automatically work for you. The best way you can ensure success with your weight loss goals is to start smart with a consultation at the Lamkin Clinic.

With diagnostic services and effective medical weight loss plans based on your personal medical history and challenges, we have the tools available to ensure your weight loss is a success for years to come. 


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Nutrition Counseling: Small Changes to Help Your Weight Loss Plan 
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