Key Points for Healthy Fat Loss

October 25, 2009 0 Comments
Key Points for Healthy Fat Loss

healthy_eatingHave you ever gone through a period in your life in which you were highly motivated to lose weight and felt like you were doing everything right, only to go back to the regular routine?

At some point in all our lives we get motivated to improve our health and our fitness. We either see an old friend that looks great, or maybe watch a movie that inspires us, or even sometimes just look in the mirror and not like what we see.

So what happens?

The answer can be very simple in saying that our calorie consumption exceeded our energy expenditure over that period of time.

In truth, it really is more complicated than that.

There are several factors that come into play that determine if we are going to burn our body fat.

Obviously, most of us want to burn…BODY FAT not muscle, Right?

Well, knowing a few things that can trip-up efforts at losing fat is essential to accomplish this seemingly elusive goal. We, as body fat loss seekers, should know what to do to increases our chances at success before going through the efforts.

Several things are important to this regard not only in body fat loss, but in overall health.

  • Hormones-Are they balanced, optimized or deficient?
  • Hidden processed food products(i.e. modified food corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, MSG)
  • High calorie/low volume foods( Salad dressings sometimes 160 calories per tablespoon!)
  • Are you expending enough energy during and after your workouts?
  • Eating too many processed carbs?
  • Are you getting proper nutrients into your cells, to optimize function and metabolism?
  • Is your diet toxic or detoxifying?
  • High sodium diets dehydrate our cells and decrease cellular function…slowing metabolism
  • Timing and quantity of meals is essential(i.e. smaller portions at increased frequency)

These are important issues that EVERYONE should have some basic knowledge about if they truly desire optimum health and longevity.

Each of the above topics will eventually be addressed in greater detail in future e-articles.

Heck, why wait! Come see us now and learn about these topics as part of a guided program to optimize your health. Call for more information.

Healthy Regards,

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