Do you know what you’re missing?

May 15, 2014 0 Comments
Do you know what you’re missing?

keyboardDo you know what you’re missing?

Feeling sluggish?

Not sleeping well?

Gaining weight without much change in lifestyle or diet?

How about depressed mood or lack of focus?

You could be missing one or more nutrients essential for optimal function of your body.

A new blood test called a MicroNutrient Analysis can help identify deficiencies at the cellular level.

And…provide specific recommendations for reversal of the problem areas.

Now let me be clear that the symptoms mentioned above may have many causes including but not limited to hormonal decline or imbalance, lifestyle factors, other medical problems and even emotional or psychiatric causes.

One should definitely seek council from a physician for a comprehensive look at your specific needs and concerns.

Coming from a educational background in biochemistry and cellular biology, I believe proper supplementation is necessary to maintain optimum health.

In those who are actually having symptoms, it’s even more important to optimize nutrition.

The micronutrient analysis can help get right to the heart of the deficiency and perhaps save some hard earned money by not taking the shotgun approach to supplementation.

Taking a one a day multivitamin is not enough.

Studies show that our vegetables and fruits (from where most of our dietary micronutrients come) have only a fraction of the nutrition content as they did only 50 years ago. Presumably, this is due to soil depletion from industrial cropping practices.

To add to this, most one a day supplements are near worthless. Many supplement brands don’t have the necessary amounts of each of the essential micronutrients to support our body’s needs.

The supplement industry is a multimillion dollar industry in which marketing campaigns often capitalize on the fact that you don’t have a doctorate in vitaminology. Ok, so there is no such degree (that I know of), but you get the point!

It’s expensive and time consuming to make a quality supplement. Most producers would just as well spend that money on amped up marketing with sensationalized claims than spend it on production of a quality supplement.

Quality is ever more important in the supplement industry with just as powerful marketing campaigns as the pharmaceutical industry, but with little regulation.

Third party testers like Consumer lab are useful at exposing supplements contaminated with heavy metals or other impurities but have no information about proper formulation…meaning your supplement may not be in the ideal form to get into your cells where it is needed most.

It’s essential to be cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) and USP certified, and have supplements third party tested.

These certifications show that:

*What the producer says is in the supplement is in them.

*That potential contaminants (heavy metals or polycarbonate compounds, bacteria, mold or toxins) are below what is allowed by the FDA.

*Will break down and release into the body within a specified amount of time

However, they say little about the quality of the formulation itself providing further rational for micronutrient testing.

Call today for more information about this valuable tool in your fight for optimum health!


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