7 Foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism

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Food plays a huge role in how our brains and bodies can perform. From boosting cognitive abilities to providing an extra boost of energy, what you consume has a lot of weight other than calorie count alone.

Many folks who struggle with weight take the preliminary and necessary steps to achieve weight loss, such as:

  • Reducing the calories they consume daily
  • Adding more exercise into their daily routine

But the number of calories you eat isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to effective weight loss. And, what you eat can be just as important as how much you eat daily.

Your Metabolism

In fact, several tasty foods can further boost your diet by boosting your metabolism. Your metabolism determines how many calories you can burn regularly. Also, it can help improve your energy levels while decreasing your food cravings throughout the day.

When your metabolism is at peak levels, you’ll naturally burn more calories. In addition, you will have a better ability to stay away from the snacks and cravings that can derail your diet, all while having a more active lifestyle that boosts your calorie-burning even more.

A Healthy Cycle

In essence, a fast metabolism can spark a healthy cycle, while a sluggish metabolism is far more likely to slow you down literally. Additionally, it can hinder your weight loss efforts before you even begin.

If you struggle with your weight or are unsure if other factors like a slow metabolism or a thyroid issue will slow your weight loss progress, then your best bet is to first reach out to a medical professional like Dr. Lamkin.

The Tools You Need

At the Lamkin Clinic, we have a suite of invaluable and modern tools that will help us determine your unique challenges regarding weight loss. Also, we can mitigate these challenges to ensure that your diet and lifestyle changes are as effective as possible.

But in the meantime, there are a few key foods that will help give your metabolism a boost (as well as a few foods to steer clear from) that you can easily incorporate into your diet to achieve your best results when it comes to weight loss.

Metabolism Boosting Foods


There’s a reason why avocados are growing in popularity! This tasty food is packed with proteins well as all nine essential amino acids and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for your body from head to toe.

In addition, a recent study found that adults who ate half an avocado with lunch felt fuller longer and significantly reduced their cravings for an afternoon snack.


This vegetarian protein can be enjoyed in many ways – from stir-fry to sandwiches – and is one of the best meat substitutes for boosting your metabolism. Tempeh, which is made of soybeans, also contains probiotics, which can help with your gut health and your overall immune system.

Chili Peppers and Spicy Cuisine

Spicy foods such as chili peppers can help speed up your metabolism, as they contain the active compound capsaicin, which can help you burn more energy throughout the day. The best news is that chili peppers and spice play a big role in a wide array of global cuisines, which makes it both a tasty and varied way to give your metabolism a boost.


Berries are a wonderful snack for several reasons. Packed with nutrients, berries can have an impact on your metabolism, and they can also:

  • Stabilize glucose levels
  • Decrease body fat
  • Improve your immune system

Like many fruits, they also have a naturally large water content, which means that they are lower in calories and make you feel full faster.


Several studies have found that garlic is a bit of a superfood, as it can both increase the number of calories you burn while decreasing the body’s production of excess fat.

In addition, the sulfuric acid compounds that are naturally found in garlic can help eliminate bacteria and stop infections and help reduce the risks for several types of cancer.

Green Tea

While coffee may get credit for boosting metabolism and energy levels, green tea is a better option for a quick wake-up call simply because it has a world of additional benefits. Green tea certainly boosts your energy, but its high antioxidant content can also help reduce the risk for several cancers, including prostate and breast cancer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Recent studies have found many benefits to apple cider, and especially when it comes to weight loss and digestive health. For example, in one study, researchers found that adults who consumed four teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily ate 275 fewer calories throughout the day.

Foods to Avoid


Alcohol isn’t just filled with empty calories – it can reduce your metabolism as well. A recent study found that regular alcohol consumption can decrease the body’s ability to burn fat by 73%

 White Flour

Whole wheat breads and pastas can help you feel full faster, but white flour products can have the opposite effect. This is because white flour is processed. So, it loses all of whole grains’ best attributes along the way – including fiber and antioxidants.

Sodas, Fruit Drinks, and Foods With High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup and sugar may give you a quick energy boost, but it quickly fades away leading to more food and sugar cravings, and a negative impact on your metabolism.

The Bottom Line

Determining what you should or shouldn’t eat so that your body can perform at its best is not always easy. And if you’re confused by the mixed messages of fad diets or weight loss trends, then it’s time to seek expert advice and help.

With tailored medical weight loss plans, nutritional classes, and treatments that target your specific weight loss goals, the Lamkin Clinic is well equipped to help you make the right choices when it comes to the most beneficial diet possible. So reach out to us for a consultation. We’ll work together to ensure that nothing slows you down when it comes to weight loss.


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7 Foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism
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