Men’s Health

Men typically begin to be more aware of how they are aging sometime in the mid-to-late thirties. The masculine physique can start to fade as the abdomen protrudes slightly and the formerly chiseled physique softens while energy, sex drive, and even sexual health begin to decline.

These symptoms, no doubt indicate underlying physiologic, hormonal, and metabolic changes that if not addressed, can take its toll on many aspects of health. And that can lead to poor quality of life and increased risk for age-related diseases such as Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Disease, and Diabetes.

Some men accept these changes without realizing their significance, while others begin to fight back only to realize it’s not as easy as it once was.

Men’s Health Changes Slowly Over Time

Most of the underlying biologic contributors to these and other age-related changes happen slowly over time. That can impact sexual health and increase cardiovascular risk, among other things. And they creep up on you, so they may be challenging for you to identify on your own.

Hormone changes, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic declines, and other physiologic cues are identifiable through proper lab testing and reversible under the care of a knowledgeable and experienced physician.

Evaluation and Care
Dr. Lamkin provides specialty evaluation and care to men with a focus on disease prevention and health optimization. Services include:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy (when appropriate)
  • Assessment for and treatment of Adult-onset Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Reversal and/or correction of sexual performance & erectile problems
  • Weight Loss/Body fat reduction/Lean muscle gains
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risk
  • Prevention and/or reversal of Heart Disease/Diabetes/Metabolic syndrome
  • Nutrition education and Guidance
  • Bone and Joint Health/Platelet Rich Plasma for knee and shoulders
  • Metabolic rate testing
  • Primary Care

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