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At the Lamkin Clinic, we utilize various methods to engage in a thorough patient evaluation, which can help us monitor the effects of therapy, diet, or exercise. All of which can contribute to achieving your overall health goals. Our body composition diagnostic services will help reveal what’s behind your stressors, and what we can do to help.


The AP Spine is an ideal site for measuring a patient’s bone mineral density. This is because it is a weight-bearing area and is prone to osteoporotic fractures. The spine’s high concentration of metabolically active trabecular (soft, spongy) bone makes it the most sensitive site for monitoring response to therapy.

Bone mineral density (BMD) of the proximal femur is the most important measurement concerning the risk of hip fracture, and even other osteoporotic fractures.


Nutrition, exercise, and aging may have profound effects on an individual’s body composition. Body composition measurement with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)* can look beyond weight and the traditional body mass index (BMI) to determine body fat distribution – a significant risk factor in a variety of serious diseases.

Today’s body composition measurement tools can even help athletes make decisions on the training regimens they use to achieve the best performance.

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